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RNAstorm FFPE RNA Extraction Kit

RNAstorm FFPE RNA Extraction Kit


The best solution for extraction of RNA from FFPE tissue samples. Includes reagents for processing up to 20 or 50 samples.



Each kit includes:

20/50 Spin Columns
DNase I
DNase Buffer
CAT5 Reagent
Lysis Buffer
Wash Buffer
Binding Buffer
Deparaffinization Reagent

Feature Specification
Applications RNAseq, PCR, qPCR/RT-PCR, microarray
Kit format Manual (spin columns)
DNAse treatment step Included
Input samples Formalin fixed samples (paraffin embedded or preserved in fixative)
Recommended input sample amount 1-4 sections (10 µm each)
Type of RNA isolated total RNA (including miRNA)
Isolation time 50 minutes hands-on